Welcome to the World Wide Sires Dairy Blog
World Wide Sires, USA has been working in India for last 4 years and is trying to provide the best bovine germplasm to the Indian dairy, based on GOI guidelines. The aim is not only to sell, but also provide services to its clients, by way of updated information on new technologies related to nutrition, breeding and management that will assist farmers and companies take decisions to run the enterprise efficiently.
WWS consultants travel the world and will be providing data/information that will be put on the blog. The team will try to get the information to you suited to Indian conditions. Should you have any querries or questions on specific topics that need answers, please feel free to post them as comments on the blog or send a mail to indiawws@gmail.com and we will try to provide the information to you.
We at World Wide Sires hope that the information so provided will be helpful to everyone in the dairy business.
Happy Dairying
Amit Sachdev
India Consultant
World Wide Sires
Email: indiawws@gmail.com
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