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First of female calves using semen supplied by WWS born in Punjab

Tweet The first female calf from the World Wide Sires semen imported by Progressive Dairy Farmers Association (PDFA) was born at Mr.Ranjeet Singh’s Farm, Gurukirpa Dairy, District Moga, Punjab early this month. The semen of CARL-A MACHOMAN ADAM-ET (14HO04460 – CARL) was used, whose daughter’s average is 11,622 kg, with 3.9% fat and lifetime production [...]

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Feeding Strategies during Dry and Transition Period

Tweet Nutrition management influences the health, production, and reproduction in the dairy animals. Dry and transition animal nutrition must be carefully managed to prevent metabolic disorders/diseases that can adversely affect reproductive performance of the dairy herd in the long run. Dry animal nutrition and feeding management should optimize nutrient intake with priority placed first on [...]

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Why a dry period for cows and management tips

Tweet The mammary gland of the dairy cow requires a non-lactating (dry) period prior to an impending parturition to optimize milk production in the subsequent lactation. This period is called the dry period, and it includes the time between halting of milk removal (milk stasis) and the subsequent calving. Generally, 50 to 60 days is [...]

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