World Wide Sires Delivers Industry Leading Genetics

World Wide Sires (WWS) bulls dominate the industry with outstanding fertility, creating high producing daughters with healthy and balanced udders, strong feet and legs, and excellent TPI. WWS delivers a diverse line up of bulls and offers elite genetics for every management system.

High fertility is a top priority for any well-managed herd. WWS bulls are ahead of the competition for semen fertility as measured by SCR, or Sire Conception Rate. Sire Conception Rate is the standard for comparing bull fertility, and WWS is home to more high SCR bulls than any other AI company.

 Based on the April 2015 genetic evaluations, WWS has 58 proven bulls at or above +1.5 SCR.

WWS delivers PregnanciesWWS is also home to 30 proven bulls above +2.5 SCR, three times the number of theSCR Averagesnearest competitor. Only 23 proven bulls in the breed rank above +3.0 SCR, and WWS leads the way as your source for 14 of these elite fertility sires. The WWS lineup has an average SCR of +1.46, which is well over the industry average of +0.55 SCR and higher than any individual competitor.

Daughter of WrightWhen considering the Fertility Index (64% daughter pregnancy rate (DPR); 18% heifer conception rate (HCR); 18% cow conception rate (CCR)), bulls like 7HO11123 WRIGHT, with a fertility Index of 4.9 (Daughter photo on the leftand 7HO11150 ZIGGY with a fertility index of +4.6, create fertile daughters that breed back quickly.

Daughter of Supersire

WWS bulls also transmit high production. 15 of the Top 50 PTA Milk sires call WWS home, while the next competitor has 9 bulls on the list. 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE, woth a PTAM of +2190 (Daughter photo on the left) the number one TPI sire in the world at +2613 TPI, also ranks second in the breed for production and is an extreme transmitter for milk (PTAM of +2190)

 Daughter of BrokawOn the Top 50 Udder Composite list, 16 are WWS bulls and the

next competitor has 9 on the list. Sires like 7HO11118 BROKAW , a UDC of +2.91 (Daughter photo on left) and 7HO11477 MCCUTCHEN, a UDC of +2.81. These produce daughters with extremely high, wide rear udders and strongly attached fore udders.

Daughter of Tempo

In regards to udder health, 16 of Top 50 SCS Sires call WWS home, while the next competitor has 8 on the list. WWS is also home to the number one SCS bull in breed, 7HO10624 TEMPO at +2.54 SCS (Daughter photo on the left).

Daughter of Airlift

WWS claims the top 5 spots on the Top 50 Feet and Leg

Composite list and has at total of 18 bulls on the list, with the next competitor at 10. 14HO06809 AIRLIFT, with FLC of +3.74 (Daughter photo on the left), 7HO11314 MOGUL, with FLC of +3.5 , 7HO10506 GW ATWOOD, 7HO11279 MOONBOY and 7HO10999 BRADNICK are FLC breed leaders who sire daughters that walk comfortably with moderate set to the hock and steep foot angle.

Daughter of MoonboyDaughter of MixerWWS also continues to dominate the breed for TPI with 35 of the Top 100 TPI Sires, while the next competitor has 19 on the list. 6 of the top 10 TPI Sires also call WWS home with No.1 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE, No.2 7HO11314 MOGUL, No.5 7HO11279 MOONBOY, TPI of +2396 (Daughter photo of right), No. 6 7HO11313 MIXER, TPI of  +2396 (Daughter photo of the left), No. 7 7HO11477 MCCUTCHEN, and No.9 7HO10721 BOOKEM.

WWS remains at the forefront in delivering exceptional genetics and is committed to customer success, providing consistent, high quality, breed-leading genetics to help customers accomplish their goals.

For more information on the WWS semen availability in India, please contact

Amit Sachdev, Technical Consultant, World Wide Sires * E mail:

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