Importance of DPR in Dairy Business – Putting a value to it

DPR data from US DairyIn 2003, a new measurement for female fertility became available to dairy farmers around the world – PTAs for Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR). DPR is a measurement of the number of eligible cows who become pregnant during a 21-day period.

 DPR PTAs (predicted transmitting abilities) allow breeders to compare different bulls to determine their genetic impact on herd fertility. A 1 point difference in DPR is equivalent to 4 days open. In other words, a +1.0 DPR bull’s daughter would have 4 fewer days open than the daughter of a +0.0 bull, if both daughters were out of the same cow.

 Each additional day open could cost a US dairy up to $14 per cow, or an average of $27 per DPR point. This economic impact is reflected in the formulas for Lifetime Net Merit (NM$), Total Performance Index (TPI), and Jersey Performance Index (JPI).

OptifeedOne of the key ways to increase profitability and efficiency is by maximizing the value of a lactation. Cows lose profitability the longer a lactation lasts, so DPR is one of the traits included in the new World Wide Sires index OptiFeed – an exclusive formula which designates bulls who will sire highly efficient daughters. Look for the OptiFeed designation on WWS bulls starting December 2013.

Two of the bulls that can be considered are

7HO09281 BIGSHOT +2.1 DPR and  14HO 06262 KODY +1.7 DPR. Look for more on the website

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