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International Corn prices down; DDGS prices up on higher demand and lower production

US corn prices moved lower this week. Consider that a correction and market nervousness ahead of US presidential elections on 3 Nov 2020. Domestic demand and exports remain good. As on 30 Oct 2020, US corn prices were down on CME. Dec corn down $10/MT and closed at $156.84/MT; Mar down $6/MT and closed at […]

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US corn prices down, crop in good condition; Co-products – DDGS and ethanol prices down

In the US 78% of corn planted is in good-very good condition. The 2017 corn crop continues to be exported and find markets around the world. There are freight issues in Brazil. With the US-China trade conflict, commodity prices are down and while it may not be so good form the farmers/producers, the end users […]

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US corn prices correct, co-product prices also come down; Ethanol is one solution for two issues, high gasoline prices and Air Pollution

Corn prices in the US corrected this week leading to drop in FOB corn prices as well and co-product prices. July contract closed at $154.01/MT on Jun 01, 2018, down 3.65% from its earlier close of $159.83/MT on May 25, 2018. Sept corn was also down 3.52% to $157.63/MT and Dec down 3.13% to $162.04/MT. […]

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US corn production to be down, prices down; Sorghum fits into the rations at the current price; DDGS remains a good buy; Ethanol can be one tool to combat Air Pollution

The WASDE report was out this week and corn production in the US is projected to be down at 356.61 MMT, but overall corn production in the world in 2018/19 is expected to be up at 1056.07 MMT. Overall the world is likely to consume more corn and world ending stocks are likely to go […]

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US corn and co-product prices move up: US Sorghum prices competitive; DDGS prices up due to high SBM prices; Ethanol offers a solution to India’s Air Pollution problem

World corn prices moved up this week. US corn planting is slow as only 17% of the corn crop has been planted, against 32% last year and last 5 year average was 23%. US has had weather related issues. There is also the Brazil weather concern, which is a threat to the corn crop in […]

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Maize harvest delayed a bit; US farmers to plant relatively less corn, prices up; Sorghum prices down a bit; Ethanol is a cheapest source of octane

Indian maize harvest for Rabi will be late, another 2 weeks before the new corn is large quantities could be seen in the market. In the interim, the price have gone up, in Gulabbagh by over 9% in last one month. Against last week, prices are down slightly and are at Rs.13000/MT. Prices in Erode, […]

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Dryness in Argentina keeps corn prices up; Co-products prices move up on the back on higher corn prices; India maize prices stable for now

Corn prices in the US moved up by over 1.5% across the four contracts. There is a higher demand for US corn, higher exports and also higher use in domestic market as the per the WASDE report released last week. It is expected 141.5 MMT of corn will be used for making ethanol and also […]

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Higher maize production expected in India; US corn prices move up on Argentina drought situation; Higher SBM prices drag DDGS prices up; Ethanol futures down

The 2nd advanced agricultural production estimates were released this week by GOI and the corn production in India is estimated at 27.14 MMT (19.51 MMT in Khariff and 7.63 MMT in Rabi), up 4.78%. Prices remain stable or downward in the SPOT market. Price in Erode were indicated at Rs.13350/MT down 0.46% and in Gulabbagh […]

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Stable maize prices in India; but higher than the world prices; DDGS remains a good buy despite higher prices; US ethanol prices down

Spot corn prices in India remain stable. New crop to be harvested keeps pressure on the domestic prices and buying too remains subdued. Maize (South) at Erode was indicated at Rs.13412/MT on Feb 23, 2018, down 0.65% against last week. Gulabbagh also closed lower at Rs.12300/MT. International prices, mainly US futures were stable this week. […]

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Maize prices stable in India; US corn prices up; US DDGS even with slightly higher prices remains a competitive feed ingredient

Maize prices in India remain stable, buying is slow, as trade and end users wait for the new crop in Rabi (To be harvested in Mar-Apr-May, in parts of North East, South India). Overall area under maize in India for Rabi sowing is estimated at 1.67 mill hac against 1.626 mill hac last year. It […]

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