Ua Local 71 Collective Agreement

Copies of collective agreements and all renewal or renewal contracts are immediately made available to the pension fund and may, if not compatible with this participation agreement, be used by directors to terminate the employer`s participation. Under the AU standard of excellence, members, through the local union and management, are held by signatory contractors and are responsible for effective solutions. (312) If the contractor sets up tool premises or warehouses located outside the owner`s facility, they are inhabited in accordance with the provisions of the employment contract. (134) The employer agrees not to pass on the work done on the site when the employer`s workers work on the site under these conditions to an employer who, at the time of work, does not have a collective relationship with a construction union that covers work whose members receive the prevailing wage rates. (251) Both parties agree to make maximum use of the sub-partners within the scope of the crafting competence, provided that such a classification is included in the local agreement of this craft and in accordance with the provisions of these agreements. A worker or job candidate who, within 18 months, is dismissed three (3) times for a particular reason or who, in violation of the standard of excellence, sets up monstrous conduct in the service, is referred to the committee responsible for verifying the applicant`s or worker`s minutes to determine whether the applicant can continue to advertise the dismissal or whether he or she can continue to work for the employers. The Committee reviews, within fifteen (15) working days, the qualifications of the applicant/worker, the reason for his dismissal or other evidence related to the monstrous conduct contrary to the standard of excellence. The Committee may, at its sole discretion, adopt a final and binding decision providing for: (a) the training provided by the JATC or any other appropriate source, including, but not limited, to it; (b) disqualify the applicant/worker for the removal or retention of an employer`s employment for a reasonable period of time, depending on the severity of the behaviour and/or repetitive behaviour; (c) refer the applicant/staff, if available, to a staff assistance program to assess and recommend action; or (d) take into account the fact that the applicant/worker may continue to work in accordance with the collective agreement or the EU removal procedures.

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