The Munich Agreement Bbc

Chamberlain was also aware that “many others,” including Churchill, were lining up to take advantage of the crisis. Yet he was determined to make British politics alone. So he developed an idea that, as he put it, “took his breath away in Halifax”: he flew to Germany to meet Hitler face to face. On 16 September Chamberlain returned to London with Hitler`s approval for the referendum in the Sudetenland to verify that the inhabitants wanted to join the empire. The Munich agreement was the agreement resulting from the Munich conference on the resolution of the Sudetenland crisis. The conference took place between Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy. Czechoslovakia was not invited, although the meeting concerned her. The Prime Minister`s spectacular triumph proved fleeting. Within weeks, the colony of Munich dissolved. The referendums never took place and Hitler simply hosted the controversial areas. Some had predicted it all the time. Indeed, Halifax offered little resounding confirmation to Munich when it publicly described the agreement as an “abhorrent choice of evil.” Churchill predicted: “This is just the beginning of the settlement of accounts.” Chamberlain had escaped the trap set for him by his political rivals.

True to form, many interpreted the Munich Agreements on what it meant to their own perspectives. Some feared that Chamberlain would declare an early general election, in which he would go wild to win. A panicked Churchill explored building an alliance with Labour, Liberals and Conservative rebels, suggesting that a commitment to the League of Nations and “collective security” could form the basis of a joint campaign. When Macmillan protested, “This is not our jargon,” Churchill thought, “This is jargon that we all need to learn!” The Munich Agreement, which later symbolized the evils of appeasement, was signed 75 years ago, in the early hours of 30 September. In Munich, in the face of Hitler`s increasingly belligerent threats of military action, Britain and France engaged in the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia and the transfer of its Sudetenland region to Germany. Chamberlain`s hopes that this humiliating victim would satisfy Hitler`s last great territorial demand and thus avoid another catastrophic war were dashed in four months.

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