Field Studies


  1. Feed Back Marketing Services, New Delhi
  2. Cattle/Poultry Feeds – National Nutritional Units – A Viability.

  3. Cargil South East Asia Ltd., New Delhi
  4. Feasibility Study on Feed Industry of India for Setting up Multi Feed Project in South India.

  5. Rampur Distillery, New Delhi
  6. Market Study manufacture of Di Calcium from Rock Phosphate.

  7. Royal Netherlands Embassy, Dept. of Agriculture, New Delhi
  8. Report on Poultry Scene, with respect to all the facets of the Poultry Industry, namely, Feed, Breeding, Veterinary Pharma, Veterinary Biological, Equipment’s, Government Policies the Poultry Industry.

  9. Euribrid BV, Manila Office
  10. Market Survey with Expert to find suitable parties for Grand Parent Operation in India.

  11. U S Feed Grain Council, Regional Office, Dubai
  12. Technical Survey with Experts for Goat Feeding Trials and Meat Quality

  13. Government of France, Through French Embassy New Delhi
  14. Report on Indian Poultry Industry, covering all sectors of the Industry

  15. U S Feed Grains Council, Regional Office, Dubai
  16. Technical Survey with U S Expert for use of High Grain products in India for human Consumption

  17. Baader Inc, Philippines
  18. Survey of the Indian Meat Industry with regard to requirement of small Slaughter House & Meat Processing Plants

  19. Rakshak Farmaids, Hyderabad
  20. Providing Technical cover for Biosecurity Products (of Antec International) in Poultry, Livestock, canine and Medical sector and providing training to Marketing Staff.

  21. Intercorp Ltd., New Delhi
  22. Providing Technical cover for Vitamin range and Water Sanitizer of the company in Poultry and Livestock, and providing training and orientation to Marketing Staff.,/p>

  23. Rhone Mouriex, France
  24. Introduced Imported Poultry Vaccines in India for the first time and providing Technical cover for the products.

  25. Arambagh Hatcheries Limited, Calcutta
  26. Marketing Strategies for Chicken / Value Added Products of Chicken in Calcutta. At present 84 outlets selling Chicken Delicacies in Calcutta, Bolpur, Durgapur, Raniganj, Asansole, Malda and Farakka.

  27. Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, Chennai
  28. Survey of the Chicken market in India, Gulf Countries, and South East Asia. The Survey on International Market acceptance for the Indian Chicken, & Delicacies. Recommend market strategies for marketing of chicken in India and abroad.

  29. Cebeco India (P) Ltd. New Delhi
  30. Survey of the Egg Production in Ranga Reddy District of Andhra Pradesh to work out the cost of production, overhead costs and the sale prices in the last 3 cycles.

  31. U S Grains Council, Washington DC
  32. Consultants to USGC for establishing livestock systems Poultry Marketing, enhanced grain usage in livestock and testing systems in India. Introducing new concepts of vertical integration in poultry (Breeding, Contract farming, Feed Milling, processing and Marketing of chicken)

  33. Suguna Group, Coimbatore
  34. Position paper on Contract farming system in Coimbatore area and how it will be beneficial to expand business opportunities in India and abroad.

  35. M P Rajya Pashudhan Evam Kukkut Vikas Nigam Limited
  36. Appraisal of the Goat farm of the Nigam for handing over the same to the private company. The proposal is to provide the required number of bucks to the Nigam for distribution to the farmers in Madhya Pradesh.

  37. Monsanto India (P) Limited
  38. Analysis of the corn production, demand & supply in India. Usage in poultry, starch and possible growth in the area.

  39. Louis Deryfus Corporation
  40. Analysis of Corn prices, demand & supply. Poultry feed model and growth of poultry industry 2012

  41. Mitsubishi India Corporation Limited
  42. Report on Starch Market n India including availability of raw material, products that can be manufactured and competition.

  43. Blackstone Ventures
  44. Report on the poultry sector in India and scope of investments